A Cat Named Bennie

About a week ago, I was playing my flutes in one of the cat rooms at Coastal Humane Society and had a special reaction from an older cat, named Billy. He was grey with a scruffy coat, which was thin in the hind end and he moved slowly.   As I started playing, he came down off his perch and laid right down in front of me and was intently listening to the music.  As I was starting my 3rd song, he suddenly leap up on my chest and nestled into my neck and  hung on to my shoulder purring all the while.  I decided to keep on playing despite having this 10 lb cat hanging onto my body, nuzzling me. It was awkward but I persevered.

I played two more songs while he continued to purr into my ear. When I finished, he jumped off and went into one of  what we call the cat ‘hidy’ holes in the room.  I later found out from staff,  that Bennie was a hospice cat whose owner couldn’t afford to care for him any more and that Billy was in 3rd stage kidney disease.  He  had been uncomfortable and not allowing anyone to pick him up.  I believe that Bennie’s intent was clear, the music soothed him for a few minutes and he was thanking me. 

2018 Happy New Years Greetings!

Its been a frigid start to the new year in Maine for both two leggeds and 4 leggeds. I am calling it Dr. Zhivago weather!

I wanted to share a recent Soothing Music for Animals CD story with you. Carol and Bill in PA received a copy of the CD as a present. Their neighbor’s husband was taken to the hospital as an emergency patient and ended up in hospice care. The neighbors elderly dog has always been difficult, unfriendly with other people including Carol and Bill who have had dogs for decades. They stepped in to take care of this senior dog during the transition period and brought the dog to their apt. The dog was initially its usual grumpy, agitated and unwilling to settle down self. Carol decided to play the Soothing Music for Animals CD to see if that would help. It was a win! The dog sat down, climbed up on the couch with Carol, put its head on her lap and completely relaxed. Carol was simply amazed, because the dog had always been so grouchy with them, despite their canine sensitivities. Like people, some animals respond more dramatically to soothing music than others. This was an example of an instant musical tranquilizer for this elderly dog.

In musical spirit!


Welcome to the Soothing Music for Animals website!

Dec. 8, 2017
This week we went live thanks to the expertise and dedication of Clif Graves of Clif Graves Consulting (, who has designed and donated his time to make this site operational. For those of you who have designed websites, you understand the detailed “behind the scene” decisions and processes which must be made when creating a website. A heartfelt thanks to Clif.

This week, we also officially launched the beginning of our mailing outreach campaign to animal rescue facilities (both large and small) in Maine and New Hampshire. Gail and I have been motivated since the conception of our CD, to get soothing music into as many animal rescue organizations and animal rescue families as possible. We are starting with our two home states, but hope to expand to reach rescue organizations across the U.S. as word of mouth and media links connect to our website.

If you like our project to educate people about the value of soothing music for animals and to raise money for rescue organizations, please share a link to our website on your social media pages with friends and family.

Thanks for your support!